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ExForce store first week experience

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ExForce store first week experience

Craig Alanson

The first week of our ExForce store experienced great success and a few of what Skippy might call 'minor issues'. We sold out of most items and new stock will be arriving next week. We also will have new items (beer glasses, embroidered hats, beer coozies) and new designs for all items. In addition to the 'Skippy the Magnificent' logo, there will be a 'monkey on a flying banana' design that is the official logo of the Flying Dutchman.

The biggest and most visible problem with the store was how the engine behind the site calculated estimated shipping costs. We (because we are ignorant monkeys) do not yet know how to fix the problem, so my wife made an executive decision that all US shipping will be a flat rate of $9.50 and if anyone ordered just a patch or a sticker, she will use regular mail and refund the difference. International orders (so far Tasmania, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the UK etc.) will be a flat rate of $25. There is one exception to the international rate: to the north of the United States is a place calling itself 'Canada', which looking at a map I thought was just Baja Alaska. Apparently this 'Canada' is a separate country where they eat things like 'poutine' and 'Tim Horton donuts'. So, we are trying to set up shipping to Canada as a flat rate of $17.50. If this doesn't work I am sure Canadians will be too polite to complain, but we will refund the difference.