Overseas shipping costs- WTF?

We have been notified by some of our overseas customers, specifically in the UK, that they are being charged additional postage by their own countries.  Originally, we wanted to offer FedEx, DHL, etc.  Those options turned out to be prohibitively expensive, $90 - $140 for even a small package.  The US Postal service 'Flat Rate' seemed a bargain. However, that seems to be the cost to ship it to the foreign country and hand it over to that country's internal mail service, so it is not really a 'flat rate' at all.  The UK cost is the highest and set the bar for the worldwide shipping. Some other countries are cheaper (even Australia is cheaper than the UK!) and we have been refunding the excess shipping costs. We have no way at present of being able to set a price for every overseas address.  Quite a few of our overseas orders have not been shipped due to back orders. If you have not received a shipping confirmation, you can cancel the order if you are concerned.

Sincerely, The shipping monkeys

Craig Alanson