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Brayfest 2019

 Who? Superstar voice actor RC Bray and an ABC of authors: Craig Alanson, Rhett C. Bruno and Dean M. Cole Also, YOU, hopefully

Where? South Hero Vermont (Google it, there really is such a place)

When? August 8-10 2019 (FYI: this is in our current timeline, not the ‘Kelvin’ timeline)

Thursday August 8 th is a free concert at Snow Farm Winery in South Hero. There is not a specific BrayFest event on Thursday night, other than that we will be there with RC Bray, enjoying music and family fun. There are food trucks with excellent brick-oven pizza, burgers, meatball subs, maple popcorn, ice cream etc. Also beer and of course, wine! South Hero is a small town, and pretty much everyone is there for the free Thursday night concerts, it is a great time for the whole family. Will RC sing a song with the band? Shmaybe!

Friday August 9 th evening (time TBD) will be an author talk with the ABCs at the new Worthen Library in South Hero. Come listen to your favorite authors drone on about how wonderful we are, until our self-important babbling makes you run for the door. Prizes for whoever is still awake (and hasn’t hurled) at the end!

Saturday August 10 th from 1:00-4:00 at Snow Farm Winery- Talks by RC Bray, Rhett C. Bruno, Dean M. Cole and (if there is time) Craig Alanson. Plus audience Q&A, and book signings. Note: the ‘audience Q&A’ will consist of people in the audience answering each other’s questions, RC and the authors do not have time for that nonsense. Plus, the audience can probably answer questions about our books better than we can (What is Simm’s first name? Don’t ask me). There is no charge for signing books, and no tickets required. Bring our own book to be signed, or there will be books available for purchase at the event. The books for purchase will include a hardcover edition of Columbus Day, with a new cover! Yes, we will finally have hardcovers, with Columbus Day first. Note: it is best to ask an author to sign a book they wrote. If you ask me to sign one of Rhett or Dean’s books, I will ask if you are serious. If you ask me to sign ‘Moby Dick’, I will punch you in the face, until I get back the month of my high school life I wasted reading that boring crap.

Not that I am still bitter about it.

There will also be merchandise available for purchase, depending on what we can fit into the truck, and what our dogs have not used as a chewtoy.

About South Hero Vermont-

South Hero is a town occupying the southern half of Grand Isle in Lake Champlain. The ‘Hero Islands’ where named for Revolutionary war heroes Ethan and Ira Allen, who led the Green Mountain Boys and apparently had a great PR firm working for them.

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 12.26.02 PM.png

South Hero is about 30 minutes from Burlington Vermont, which has an airport (with real airplanes!). There is also an airport across the lake in Plattsburgh New York. Montreal is only 90 minutes away. There are Bed & Breakfasts on the island, but no hotels. Burlington has plenty of hotels. You can ride a bicycle from Burlington across the old Island Line railroad trail that goes across the lake. There is a ferry to bring bikes across the gap in the causeway ($6 roundtrip), the bike ferry operates 10AM-6PM seven days a week in the summer. In South Hero, bicycles can be rented at Allenholm Orchard, which also has lunches, a petting zoo and maple creamees made with real maple syrup (note: a ‘creamee’ is the Northern New England term for a soft-serve ice cream). Warning: Willy the Donkey loves ice cream.

Lake Champlain is 110 miles long, 14 miles wide and over 300 feet deep, it is not a small lake. Right now (2 nd week of July) the lake is about 76 degrees and should be warmer by August.

If you are coming to BrayFest 2019, please click on the RSVP button on the BrayFest section of People who RSVP by July 30 th , and attend the event, will get an exclusive free ‘BrayFest 2019’ sticker plus an Expeditionary Force sticker or patch. People who do not RSVP, and just show up by surprise, had better not drink all the beer or I will be very unhappy!